Research projects

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
PIAM AGRONORDESTE Program - Settlement Development Project 01/12/2020 60
NANOSEQ Analysis of the Genetic Profile of SARS-COV-2 Positive Samples from Residents in Espírito Santo Based on Nanopore Genome Sequencing. 30/05/2023 36
BIOINFORMÁTICA Association study between differentially expressed genes, tumor phylogenetics and simulation by modeling gene regulatory networks in cancer 20/05/2020 90
Association study of polymorphisms with obesity and type 2 diabetes 01/08/2018 72
SOMA-SI A Well-Being Self-Management Program based on the Stress Analysis of Public Security Agents in Espírito Santo 01/09/2021 48
BIOTECSTRESS Biotechnological tools applied to the study of plants and microorganisms in response to stress 14/07/2021 60
Informatização Computerization of biophysical and socio-environmental data from the National Forest Inventory 01/11/2022 36
digiPATH Digital Pathology Platform - digiPATH 02/01/2023 24
InterCHANGE/HEADSPACE Head and Neck Cancer in Brazil - InterCHANGE/HEADSPACE 10/05/2011 180
PiezoII How do Microorganisms respond to pressure 01/03/2020 48
Plataforma Innovation and geotechnological development of the National Forest Inventory Digital Platform 01/11/2022 36
RecFlor National agroforestry recomposition plan for the development of the production chain of non-timber products 01/12/2021 60
Reflorestar National Agroforestry Recovery Plan for the development of the Productive Chain of Timber and Non-Timber Products 01/12/2021 60
peixe 1 Obtaining bioactive molecules in Peroá Branca (Balistes capriscus) fishing waste. 01/05/2019 72
Fito1 Phytochemistry of Carica papaya L. leaf extracts from healthy and infected plants by PMeV complex 01/07/2020 48


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