Since its implementation, the Graduate Program in Biotechnology has its own headquarters which includes the areas of the secretariat, auditorium with video-conference system, classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and space for events and exhibitions.

The infrastructure for teaching and research, as well as laboratory conditions, experimental areas and computer science areas are constantly growing. PPG Biotechnology has specialized laboratories equipped to meet the demands of Biotechnology in the areas of concentration Health and Agribusiness.

The following are part of PPG Biotec's infrastructure:
- Cell Ultrastructure Laboratory
- Laboratory of Immunology;
- Laboratory of Biotechnology applied to Agribusiness;
- Laboratory of Plant Genetics and Toxicology;
- Laboratory of Biochemistry and Animal Nutrition;
- Center for Human and Molecular Genetics;
- Intelligent Automation Laboratory;
- Laboratory of Molecular Pathology.
- Multiuser Center for Nanoscale Imaging and Characterization (Nicenano)
- Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Bacterial Virulence

The entire infrastructure is prepared to develop the projects associated with the proposed lines of research and organized in order to meet the needs of students and teachers in the development of their projects.

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