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The Integrated Library System (SIB)/UFES is computerized with more than a hundred computers connected to the internet. We have actively participated in the PORTAL OF JOURNALS OF CAPES, which is a valuable instrument for the development of research works, particularly in the Stricto Sensu Graduate Courses. In addition to access to the SIB/UFES facilities, teachers and students also access the CAPES Portal from the various teaching units. In addition to this direct access within the UFES facilities, UFES professors, students, researchers and employees can access the CAPES Periodicals Portal from outside UFES in two ways: through the Federated Academic Community (CAFe), using the MEU ESPAÇO link in the upper right corner of the Portal page, the person uses the institutional identification of UFES, because UFES has been part of CAFe since 2011; and through the SAR - Remote Access Service to the CAPES Periodicals Portal, which was created at the end of 2008 through a partnership between the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies (PRPPG), the Data Processing Center (NPD) and the Central Library.

SIB/UFES is part of the following networks: PERGAMUM, BIREME, COMUT, BIBLIODATA, REBAP, REBAE, CCN, ISTEC. Among the services offered by SIB/UFES we highlight:
- Online catalog;
- Home loan;
- User training;
- Bibliographic survey;
- Orientation and Standardization of Academic Papers;
- Bibliographic commutation;
- Reservation of the bibliography used in the courses;
- Cataloguing in Publication;
-Web page;
-Digital library;
- Interlibrary loan;
- Orientation and training in the Periodicals Portal;
- Publication of Dissertations and Theses in the Digital Library.

PPGBIOTEC members also have access to the Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations of UFES (BDTD/UFES); created in 2006, and made available, in full, to users. In this database, the content of the Theses and Dissertations defended in the stricto sensu Graduate courses of UFES, and is integrated into the National BDTD, maintained by IBICT. This BDTD complies with Ordinance No. 13, of February 15, 2006, of CAPES, which requires the delivery of Theses and Dissertations in printed and electronic media and their availability to the public through the internet.

The Library also offers free training programs and workshops for its users. The Program for the Development of Informational Skills in a Virtual Environment for users of the Integrated Library System (PDCIAV), consists of training the use of information resources available in the network. These instructions are given through courses and workshops, the main ones being: a) Use of the SIB/Ufes catalog; b) Online sources of information; c) Portal de Periódicos Capes, and d) EndNote Web bibliographic manager. This training aims to train the university community (students, researchers, teachers, technical-administrative), in order to develop their research skills, with regard to the appropriation of the strategies of search for available resources and information.
With these tools, PPG students and teachers acquire more agility in the use of these tools, optimizing the time spent in the writing of scientific papers and dissertations/theses.

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