Sectorial Technological Library, Sectorial Library of Health Sciences, Sectorial Library of the University Center North of Espírito Santo (CEUNES), in São Mateus, Sectorial Library of Agricultural Sciences and Sectorial Library of the Specialized Center for the Development of Technologies in Forests, Water Resources and Sustainable Agriculture (NEDTEC), in Jerônimo Monteiro. Currently, the Integrated Library System (SIB)/Ufes has several copies of bibliographic material and journal titles, distributed in its units.

Of these units, those of greatest interest to the Program are the Central Library and the Sectorial Library of the Center for Health Sciences - CCS, on the University Campus of Maruípe, where the PPGBIOTEC is located. The CCS Library occupies an area of 1,200 m² with 4 rooms for group study and photocopying service. The collection consists of copies, books, theses and periodicals of the Cooperating Center of the BIREME Network. Due to its multidisciplinary nature and because it has professors and students from other Centers, the members of PPGBIOTEC also have access to the libraries of the Technological Center and the Center for Agricultural Sciences. In addition, the Program also has a collection available in the laboratories, acquired with funds from various research projects.

The Central Library, a supplementary body directly linked to the Rectory, is the unit that coordinates the technical procedures of all units of the Integrated Library System (SIB)/UFES necessary to provide information for the activities of Teaching, Research, Extension and Administration of UFES.

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