Molecular and structural analysis of organisms with biotechnological potential

Field of study: Biotechnology in Agribusiness
Description: Prospecting, identification, development and applications of genes and biological functions that promote tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses and elimination of phytopathogens and contaminants in food. Identification, structural and functional characterization of new molecules to increase the production capacity of biologically based products with low environmental impact. Adaptation and development of bioinformatics in support of synthetic biology, biosimulation, bioprospecting and advanced manufacturing based on biologically based knowledge.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
BIOTECSTRESS Biotechnological tools applied to the study of plants and microorganisms in response to stress 14/07/2021 60
Mamão Methodology for Detection of Meleira Virus in Mamoeiro 01/03/2018 36
peixe 1 Obtaining bioactive molecules in Peroá Branca (Balistes capriscus) fishing waste. 01/05/2019 24
GAMAAQUO Physical chemistry ac charaterization of gama trypsin in organic media. 03/04/2018 48
Piezophilic Response of Microorganisms to High Hydrostatic Pressure 20/05/2020 60
SOMA-SI SOMA-SI: A well-being self-management program based on the analysis of the stress of Public Security Agents in Espírito Santo 01/09/2021 12
11/11/2013 48
NANOBIO 20/12/2008 24
22/05/2017 48
NANOBIO 07/08/2007 24
01/03/2011 18
09/05/2011 87
COVIDBiotec 01/02/2020 48
01/06/2016 96
OLDMOL 20/09/2010 24
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