Plant Biotechnology

Field of study: Biotechnology in Agribusiness
Description: Integrative analysis of the databases of advanced biology (interaction between genes, protein and metabolism) strengthening the systems biology focused on promoting productivity and sustainability in the biotechnological sectors of agribusiness. Domain of engineering processes of the genetic function and its use in the modification and modulation of biological systems. Molecular diagnosis of phytopathogens.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
Lb2mpBCD enzymatic and physical chemical evaluation of the supramolecular complex of the enzyme trypsin and cyclodextrin 03/03/2021 24
RecFlor National agroforestry recomposition plan for the development of the production chain of non-timber products 01/12/2021 36
Reflorestar National Agroforestry Recovery Plan for the development of the Productive Chain of Timber and Non-Timber Products 01/12/2021 36
EVA1 Physcal chemical and thermodynamic characterization of papain at organic media 01/04/2018 48
LBB2MP4 Physical chemistry and thermodynamic charaterization of beta trysin and organic media. 01/04/2019 48
Fito1 Phytochemistry of Carica papaya L. leaf extracts from healthy and infected plants by PMeV complex 01/07/2020 48
coco1 Scale-up of ethanol production 2 generation from husk green coco nut 06/08/2019 48
Ant1 23/03/2018 24
M5 01/08/2016 12
29/08/2015 48
01/08/2020 48
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