Biotechnology applied to human diseases

Field of study: Biotechnology in Health
Description: Determination of population genetic variations in human diseases. Evaluation of the applicability of biomarkers of prognosis and biological tumor behavior in malignant neoplasias, integrating the basic research to clinical research applied to the resolution of current clinical problems. Use of clinical, laboratory, anatomopathological and imaging resources for the knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutics of chronic, neoplastic and infectious diseases. Analysis of gene expression, using varied and innovative tools, with the purpose of implementing processes and services that can be applied in the public health system. Biochemical and immunopathological changes due to contact or exposure to chemical and biological agents. The study of this line addresses the use of new technologies, such as high performance sequencing, use of DNA and RNA hybrids probes, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, time PCR Real, among others, to investigate genomic, proteomic and metabolomic alterations related to the various clinical manifestations of human diseases.

Abbreviationsort descending Title Starting date Deadline (months)
33/2016 01/10/2016 24
AGRO 07/05/2015 99
AR/CAM 01/08/2017 48
ATVTNBC 01/08/2017 48
BIOMARC-D-ALZ 01/07/2019 60
BIOMARKERS 01/03/2016 72
BioOVCA 01/03/2007 24
Biotcan 01/01/2009 60
CAIX PAI 1 01/08/2014 12
CANCER 01/01/2010 24
Cannabis ES 01/06/2013 24
Células-tronco OVCA 01/03/2011 24
COVID-19 CCP 24/06/2020 36
EPIGNR3C1BDNF Influence of lifestyle on the epigenetic alteration of the glucocorticoid receptor (NR3C1) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) genes 01/08/2020 12
FDBDNF Determining factors for quantitative methylation of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) coding gene in patients using SUS 12/07/2021 12
GEN-ES 01/06/2009 24
Infert-ES 31/08/2017 24
InterCHANGE/HEADSPACE Head and Neck Cancer in Brazil - InterCHANGE/HEADSPACE 10/05/2011 180
LongBio 01/01/2015 24


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